• Holland Middle School Physical Education Activities include a combination of Team Sports and Fitness Based Activities.



    DRESS – Students are required to have a change of clothes that meets minimum standards for comfort, health, and safety. You will need:

    1. Sneakers                                                     4. Socks
    2. Shorts – pull on                                           5. Sweatshirt
    3. Shirt – pull on with sleeves/ T-shirt             6. Sweatpants

    During the fall and spring, classes will be going outside and students should be attired appropriately for the weather.

    *All PE attire must meet the dress code requirements as per the HMS student handbook (no tank tops, nike pro shorts, etc).


    JEWELRY – Jewelry can be considered a safety hazard during certain activities. If a student wears jewelry to class he/she may be asked to remove it. This is for their personal safety as well as the safety of other students.


    MEDICAL EXCUSE – Students may be excused from class for medical reasons. To be excused, they must have a written note from their parent/guardian. An alternate assignment will be given for each class period they are excused. If a written assignment is given, it is due at the end of that class period. Failure to complete an alternate assignment will result in an “0” for the day.

    **Students excused for an extended period of time (3 or more class periods) must have a doctor’s note and will be given a more extensive assignment which is due on the day the student returns to regular participation.


    ALLERGIES AND MEDICAL CONDITIONS - Students with medical conditions should make their teacher aware of any existing or new medical concerns prior to class beginning. The student should make provisions with the nurse to have their inhalers or medication available and accessible so they can participate fully in class.


    INJURY OR ILLNESS - Students must report any injury or illness that occurs during Physical Education class to a physical education teacher during that class.


                             LOCKERS -     1. Each student will be assigned their own individual locker for use during

     physical education classes.

    1. Clothes, Jewelry, Books, and other personal items are to be left in the locker room in your assigned locked locker.
    2. Students will be required to purchase a school combination lock to use during the PE class.
    3. Cellphones are NOT permitted in the locker room or PE class.
    4. Valuables should NOT be brought to Physical Education class. Any valuables that are brought to class are the sole responsibility of the student.


    CLASS ATTENDANCE - Students are required to be on time and properly dressed in preparation for participation in each class.


    CLINIC -Clinic will be available on Thursdays from 3:00-3:45. Any student planning to attend a clinic must schedule that clinic with their teacher prior to attending.


    ACTIVITIES - Activities include a wide variety of individual, team, and lifetime sports and activities that emphasize fitness and healthy living.


    PHYSICAL FITNESS – Physical fitness testing will be done for every student during the first and fourth marking periods. Five elements of physical fitness will be assessed. Those elements are flexibility, speed, endurance, abdominal strength, and upper body strength. In order to receive a grade for the marking period it is required that each student complete the fitness tests. A doctor’s note is required for any student to be excused completely from any part of the fitness tests.


    GRADES - Health and Physical Education classes meet every other day and are on a 9 week marking period schedule. Each student will earn a Health grade and a PE grade for each marking period. Please keep track of your progress via the HAC and communication with your teacher.


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