• Clinic m

    Clinic is designed to do the following:

    · Reinforce concepts previously taught

    · Clarify concepts taught in class

    · Address specific questions

    · Review test, quiz, or homework questions

    · Support students who were absent

    · Make up quizzes and tests

    Clinic is held every Thursday from 3pm – 3:45pm

    Students do not need a pass to attend clinic

    Students can get a bus pass from their teacher to take the 4pm bus home

    If you wish to attend clinic, you should do the following:

    · Take notes in class

    · Ask questions in class

    · Attempt all homework problems

    · Correct homework in class and copy the correct work shown on the board

    · Prepare questions to ask

    · Determine which test/quiz you need to make up

    The day of clinic, students must do the following:

    · Bring notes, pencils, paper, eraser, and calculator with you to clinic

    · Bring specific questions

    · Come ready to work

    · Get a bus pass if needed