• Newtown Middle School Physical Education Activities include a combination of Team Sports and Fitness Based Activities.

     1st Marking period: Team Sports:   Soccer, Football, Ultimate Frisbee, 4-Square, Mountain Biking
                                  Fitness -Fitness Testing
    2nd Marking period: Team Sports - Team Handball,Tchoukball, Floor Hockey, Volleyball
                                  Fitness -Dance
     3rd Marking period: Team Sports - Badminton, Rockwall, Weight Room
                                  Fitness -Jump Rope Activities
     4th Marking Period: Team Sports - Pickelball, Golf, Tennis Baseballl, Lacrosse
                                  Fitness - Mountain Biking, Fitness Testing
    mountain bike           soccer           badminton           running
    How will I be graded?
    Each student will have the opportunity to earn 10 points daily.  The point system is designated below and is separated into 4 different categories:



    Cooperation & Rules

    Skills & Strategy


    Comes to class prepared with a change of clothing and proper footwear


    On time for class with safe attire

    (no jewelry, gum, etc.)

    Demonstrates respect


    Displays good sportsmanship


    Follows rules and etiquette for activity

    Uses specific skills, patterns, and strategies during movement



    Constant movement during class activities

    Possible Points per day

    2 points

    3 points

    3 points

    2 points