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                    Mission Statement


    We wish to instill in our students the ability to recognize and appreciate both fine and
    practical arts by expanding their thinking, providing hands on experiences and listening to
    different points of view.







    Family and Consumer Sciences prepare individuals for their roles as lifelong learners and
    contributing family and community members.  The seventh grade program concentrates on
    the student understanding human development and learning as a foundation for care giving and
    child care.  To accomplish this goal, the following areas will be addressed: basic nutrition and
    food preparation, home safety, decision-making, child development, and family relationships.





    The eighth grade program of study continues to prepare students to be lifelong learners and
    contributing members to family and community.  The course of study concentrates on the
    student understanding consumer behaviors as a foundation for managing available resources
    and to provide for individual and family needs.  Course content includes the basic knowledge
    necessary to make informed decisions concerning food, clothing, appliances, and textile
    products, and money. More complex food preparations focus on health, economy, and
    developing comparative skills





    Understanding Habits For Success


    The concentration on the seventh grade program is career exploration with a focus on
    knowing yourself.  The student’s will use Sean Covey’s,
    The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens as a guideline to becoming their personal best. 
    This program is designed to allow students to know themselves so that they can focus
    on a career in the eighth grade program.



    Making Connections & Establishing Directions


    As a sequence to the Grade 7 Guided Exploration course, the 8th grade
    curriculum emphasizes the application of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens
    for making future life choices.  The students will take aptitude tests and use the results
    to research a career of their choice. Students will learn the skills necessary to find jobs,
    write a resume, and conduct themselves during an interview. This course will give
    students a jump on their future.









    7th grade students learn to use word processing software (Microsoft Word),  Spreadsheets (Excel),
    Presentation Graphics (PowerPoint), Internet safety and exploring the internet.
    8th graders learn Databases (Microsoft Access), Web Page Design (Notepad and Microsoft Expression),
    Desktop publishing (Microsoft Publisher), Video Editing (Movie Maker), Visual Story Telling (Photo Story 3)
    as well as internet safety.





    MUSIC 7


    The seventh grade music program is based on exploring the elements of music
    through performing, creating and listening activities.  Students are exposed to many
    musical styles helping to develop more discriminating music consumers.



    MUSIC 8


    The eighth grade music program continues to explore the elements of music. 
    Students are exposed to many musical styles.  Creating, performing and listening
    activities highlight the program to help students develop more discriminating musical





    Vocal and instrumental music ensembles are available to all students. Music lessons
    will be offered to any student who wishes to play a concert band or orchestral instrument. 
    Lessons are given once a week in small groups from a different period each week in the
    six day rotation. Students taking lessons will be placed in a performing ensemble once they
    reach a minimum level of proficiency.  Performing ensembles rehearse during the resource
     activity period following homeroom.



    ART 7


    The seventh grade visual arts course focuses on Renaissance themes.  The course is
    divided and integrated among four different but complementing focuses. Through the
    themes of Aesthetics, Art Criticism, and Art History, students consider and utilize ideas
     about (a) the artist as genius, (b) art as transportable culture, (c) beliefs as a source
    of inspiration and (d) ideas about both sculpture and architecture.  In Art Production,
    students consider aspects of form, value, color and creating the illusion of space.





    ART 8


    The eighth grade Visual Arts course focuses on the contemporary notion of Form
    as Content and on a variety of Twentieth Century artists.  The course is divided and
    integrated among four different but complementing focuses.  Through the themes of
    Aesthetics, Art Criticism and Art History, students reflect on and utilize ideas about
    a variety of subject matters, psychological approaches, the uses of distortion and
    abstraction and ideas about both sculpture and architecture. 







    The 7th grade IA/Technology course introduces students to the world of
    manufacturing, communications and design problem solving.  Students work
    with a variety of tools and machines with the goal of turning ideas into actual
    products.  The computer is used as a tool to help in design and communications.





    The 8th grade course allows students to further utilize their design and construction
    skills on a more team oriented project.  The activities center on problem solving,
    transportation, and construction while allowing students to experience real life
    applications of technology.