Allison Crognale 
    acrognale@crsd.org  or 215-944-2639
     Denise Noseworthy
    dnoseworthy@crsd.org or 215-944-2638
    2019-2020 Student Council Officers
     President:  Sonia Sahu
    Vice President: Aayush Shah
     Secretary:  Molly Sheehy
     Treasurer: Evie Passanante
    Publicists: Joanne Sanhanamudi & Delany McCaferty
    Pencil Box: Taylor Deppi
    Night with friends 2/7/20
    Student Council only from 6 to 8pm
    Entire 8th grade from 8:30 to 1am
    Great Adventure (8th grade only)
    May 27th
    Come visit...
    The School Store!


    Pencil Box

     Check out lots of great CR spirit wear!

    School supplies
    NMS Merch  
    Open Monday - Friday during the RA period
    Pretzel sales every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month