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The Council Rock School District is proud of the fact that we maintain a "Students First, Always" orientation throughout our district, every single day.  Every member of the Council Rock community - students, teachers, staff, administrators, School Board members - is focused on the well-being and learning of our students. 

In Council Rock we value excellence in teaching and learning, maintaining a leading edge on educational practices and materials, and ensuring health, safety and welfare for every student.  We are surrounded by a supportive community that values its students and schools, and enriches every aspect of Council Rock.  Our teaching team is comprised of highly-qualified educators who deliver superior instruction while maintaining a student-first focus. 

Our administrative team is dedicated to supporting students, families and staff with sound, well-planned programs and services to meet the needs and abilities of every student at every level.  Administrators work closely with the Council Rock School Board to provide fiscally-responsible leadership that is committed to providing a dynamic educational experience for students.   

In every corner of our district, every day, you will find our "Students First. Always" ethos at work. Please reach out to our district at 215-944-1000 if you have any questions.

With warmest regards,

Dr. Andrew J. Sanko
Superintendent of Schools
Council Rock School District


Andrew J. Sanko, Ed. D.
Phone: 215-944-1035

Administrative Assistant
Kathy Ayling
Phone: 215-944-1035

Dr. Andrew J. Sanko