Snow Day Procedures




Since all Council Rock school buses do  2, 3, or even  4 runs each morning and afternoon, it is impossible for them to alter their schedule, so the following rules apply to bus service supplied by Council Rock. Please pass this information along to the parents of your students. Thank you.



1.      If Council Rock School District is closed � No transportation is provided to any school.


2.      If Council Rock School District opens 1 or 2 hours late � All buses will be 1 or 2 hours late, even for schools running on a normal time schedule.


3.      If Council Rock School District is operating on normal schedule, all buses will run on a  normal schedule regardless if your school or school district is running late or your school is having a weather related early dismissal. Your students must provide their own transportation on these days to school or from school or your school must receive these students at normal time in the morning. (See below)


 4.  Afternoon transportation will be normal.