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Kid's Bicycle Safety Guide

It's as easy as riding a bike! That's an expression that has been used for decades, and it refers to the fact that once you learn how to ride a bike, it's a skill that you will never forget. While riding a bike for the first time gives children a sense of excitement and adventure, to parents it can be a nervous experience. From the time that parents take off the training wheels, children are out of parents control and are subject to all the fun and dangers of biking in the outside world.

Once children are on their own and riding bikes to school, friends houses or to the local playground, parents and children still have a huge responsibility for safety. It is important for children at a young age to learn how to operate their bikes safely and not take risks by showing off or riding in an unsafe manner. It is also a good idea to teach children about the basic operation of the bicycle. And, parents need to ensure that children have proper safety equipment and use it correctly.

Bicycle Information

Whether it is a tricycle with three wheels or a mountain bike, bicycles all have similar functionality. Generally, since the early 1800's the concept of the bicycle has remained the same. It consists of two wheels, a seat, brakes and pedals and a chain to propel the bicycle. Once you have the basic design of the bike, they can change in a variety of manners. The tires that are used on bicycles can range from small, thin tires for highway use to fatter tires with deep tread for mountain biking. Also through the system of chains, the number of gears can range from just one to twenty or more. While all bikes have differences, they are also similar.

Safe Riding

Riding a bicycle can be liberating for riders, young and old. The rush of the air hitting your face can be an exhilarating experience. However, with bicycle riding comes a responsibility for being a safe rider. At an early age riders need to be taught to use good judgement around traffic, no taking risks while riding bikes and not to be a show off. These are ideas that parents need to instill in children from the moment they learn how to ride their bikes.

Protective and Safety Gear

While riding bicycles is a fun and exciting activity, there is a certain amount of danger involved. Since a bicycle is a moving vehicle capable of speeds in excess of 30 miles per hour, there is risk if you are involved in an accident. Some typical protective gear that bicyclists can use are gloves to protect your hands from getting blisters and helmets to protect your head from potential injuries if you hit the ground. Other items such as elbow guards are also available to protect from injury.

Rules of the Road

The great part of riding a bicycle is the ability to ride in a number of different locations. However, when riding on the roads, bike riders need to follow the same rules that auto drivers must obey. At an early age, parents need to emphasize the importance of following rules of the road with children. By following rules such as staying to the right side of the roadway, stopping and looking at intersections and yielding to motor vehicles will ensure that children will e safe while riding.

Bicycle Safety Resources

Bicycle safety is an important aspect of learning to ride a bike. Parents, teachers and other responsible adults are given the task of teaching children the proper way to ride bicycles safety. To help teach children about bicycle safety, here are some additional resources: