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Occupation Tax

The Occupation Tax is a personal tax levied under the provisions of Act 511 of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and allows Commonwealth-Taxing authorities to levy a tax on an occupation. This Occupation Tax is not based on income, but rather occupation classification.   Occupation taxes are assessed on all employed residents that hold an occupation.  The fact that you own or rent, or, if you do or do not have children in the school district, has no bearing.  The basis for the tax is the assessed value of your job classification as previously determined by The Bucks County Board of Assessment.  That value is multiplied by the millage rate of the Occupation Tax (400 mills or .4) to determine the amount of tax.  The law then permits the Council Rock School District to levy the Occupation Tax.  Since there is no provision in Act 511 for pro-rating the occupation tax, you are liable for the full amount based on your residency in the Council Rock School District during the tax year.  Please feel free to call or email the office (215-944-1090) ( to discuss your census information.  We have guideline listings and can make some classification information available for your convenience. 

PERMANENT CLASSIFICATION CHANGE: If you have made a permanent change in your occupation classification status, you should complete a change of occupation form and return to our office (including any required documentation). A change will be made on your account and confirmation of your change will be sent to you.  Change of Occupation Form

TEMPORARILY UNEMPLOYED: If you are temporarily unemployed as of July 1 of the current tax year, you should complete an exoneration form and return to our office (including any required documentation).  Once your account is adjusted, a confirmation of your exoneration will be sent to you.  This is temporary relief of the Occupation Tax for one year and your current classification will remain the same for the next year.  Exoneration Form