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Health & Physical Education

Health & Physical Education Curriculum Coordinator Contact Information

Name: Liz Potash


Phone: 215-944-1156

Primary Location of Coordinator: Council Rock South High School  

Health & Physical Education Curriculum Overview

The mission of the Council Rock Health and Physical Education department is to empower students to make healthy decisions leading to a lifetime of physical, mental and social success.  The curricula is built from the national standards for both Health and Physical Education, with the content coming from the Pennsylvania standards.

Physical Education 1-6:Elementary students in grades one through six engage in Physical Education class once a week.  The curriculum focuses on mastering locomotor and nonlocomotor skills at the primary levels, while manipulatives are introduced at the older levels to begin game play.  The goal of the program is to teach students fundamental skills so they can become competent lifelong movers.  There are various health lessons taught throughout the year, with each grade having a different focus.

Health & Physical Education 7-8:Middle school students in grades seven and eight engage in Health and Physical Education class on alternate days for the full year.  The Physical Education programs focus on units in team sports, lifetime activities, fitness activities, and dance.  The goal of the program is to expose students to a wide range of activities so they can engage in lifelong movement.  The seventh-grade Health curriculum focuses on the functions of the body systems, while the eighth-grade course focuses on decision making, relationships, first aid and safety, and substance abuse.  In addition, Guided Exploration, is taught as a part of the art rotation; this course focuses on career readiness.

Health & Physical Education 9-12:High school students in grades nine, eleven and twelve are required to take Physical Education on alternate days for the full year.  The Physical Education classes are self-selected each marking period to encourage lifelong activity.  A variety of electives are offered each marking period within the areas of team sports, lifetime activities, fitness activities and dance.  Tenth-grade students are required to take Health Education on alternate days for the full year.  This course covers all aspects of health including physical health and nutrition, mental health, social health in relationships, in addition to substance abuse, reproductive system anatomy, and sexual decision making.  Students can elect to take additional courses in the Health and Physical Education curriculum on alternate days for the full year, these courses include Accelerated Physical Education Team Games and Sports, Accelerated Physical Education Individual Activities, Accelerated Emergency Management and Driver's Education Theory and Accelerated Senior Seminar Life 101 (seniors only).

Health & Physical Education Special Programs and Related Events

6th Grade Track Meet- The 6th grade district track meet is an event held each spring (3rd week in May) where all elementary school 6th graders compete against each other in a variety of track events.

Field Days- Each elementary school hosts a field day in the spring where all elementary school students compete against their classmates in a variety of events.

Content Area Standards:
Standards Aligned System (SAS) 

National Physical Education Standards

National Health Education Standards

District Priority Standards

Health Textbook Series 


 Middle Level and High School Course Content Guides 

Middle School Program Planning Guide

High School Program Planning Guide