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Volunteer Clearance Procedures

All Council Rock volunteers play a key role in supporting staff, students, sports programs and other activities in our school.  Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer. 

All new, and renewing volunteers including, if applicable, new LINCS supervisors, must complete the online volunteer application.  As part of this application, you must upload the documents listed below.  We will not accept paper copies of the clearances.

Please read the below detailed information regarding the paperwork and clearances required to serve as a volunteer.  

These guidelines also apply to organizations working with CR students in the LINCS program.  Additional information regarding the LINCS program can be found on this site.  When you complete your application, please be certain to list LINCS Supervisor, if you are involved with the Program, as your affiliation on the first page of the application.  

These guidelines also apply to organizations working with CR students in the Career Ready Bucks program.  Additional information regarding the Career Ready Bucks program can be found on this site.   When you complete your application, please be certain to list Career Ready Supervisor, if you are involved with the Program, as your affiliation on the first page of this application. 

Pennsylvania law requires all persons having direct contact with school children to obtain background checks and clearances.   In light of the numerous and recent changes to legislation, namely Act 153 of 2014, in relation to volunteers obtaining and renewing clearances, we have developed the following protocols.

Who is required to obtain Clearances?

All volunteers are required to obtain clearances. “Volunteer” is defined as an adult in an unpaid volunteer position who is responsible for the welfare of a child or who has direct contact with children. Direct contact shall mean care, supervision, guidance or control of children or routine interaction with children. Any adult who is individually responsible for the children’s welfare, directly caring for, supervising, guiding or controlling the children are required to obtain clearances. Any volunteer who is present and working with students one or more times per week will be presumed to be a volunteer and must obtain clearances. 

All new volunteers must obtain clearances.  All clearances must be dated less than one year at the time of joining our district's volunteer team.  Thereafter, all clearances must be renewed every 60 months. 

 Required Clearances:

  1. Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Report:
  • Click the control number to view your results.  Click the "Certification Form" link in the center of the page to view, save and print your official Pa State Police Certificate.
  1. Child Abuse History Clearance from the Department of Human Services
  • Click "Create Individual Account". The Keystone Key is a user name you create. Follow the site's step-by-step instructions for creating a password.  Be sure to keep a record of your Keystone Key and Password as you will need them to access your results.  You will receive an email from the site when your results are available, within 14 days of submission.  
  1. Federal Criminal History (2 Options):
    • If you have been a Pennsylvania resident for less than 10 consecutive years, you must complete the fingerprinting process. Enroll at IdentoGo and make an appointment for digital fingerprinting at a location of your choice.  The Service Code for VOLUNTEERS is 1KG6ZJ.  
    • If you have been a Pennsylvania resident for the past 10 consecutive years, you may submit the CR Volunteer Affidavit in place of fingerprinting. The affidavit must be notarized and the original affidavit is kept on file in the Human Resources Office.  


Volunteers (classroom/school) who spend 10 hours or more a week with students MUST submit results of a recent TB test prior to volunteering.   Those who must complete a TB test can either mail the completed test to our address or drop it off at our office.  In addition, please upload a copy of your TB results with your affidavit or FBI Volunteer clearance.

  • Volunteer Coaches must have up-to-date TB test results prior to beginning coaching, regardless of amount of time spent with students.  
  • TB tests are available through your doctor's office, a minute clinic or a local pharmacy.  The TB test is a 2-day process; one day to administer the test and one day to read the results. 


How do I submit my volunteer paperwork?   Volunteer paperwork (with the exception of the TB Test, and notarized Volunteer Affidavit) must be submitted online through the Volunteer posting by following this link.  Complete the online application and upload your clearances to the appropriate page.  Please upload a copy of your notarized Volunteer Affidavit and, either hand deliver or mail the original document.  You may upload a copy your Volunteer Affidavit but we must receive the original.  If you require a TB test, you can add a copy of the results with your Volunteer Affidavit and/or Volunteer Fingerprints and then send us the original results.

I’ve lived in Pennsylvania over 10 years and completed the Volunteer Affidavit; can I just upload the form to the Volunteer application?  No. Because the Volunteer Affidavit must be notarized.  Please upload a PDF of the notarized document; then either drop off or mail your original notarized affidavit to the address listed below.  We are required to keep the original document on file in our office.

If mailing your original, notarized Volunteer Affidavit and/or TB Test, please send to: 

Monica McLaughlin, Council Rock School District, Human Resources Office
30 North Chancellor Street, Newtown, PA 18940

Why do I need clearances?  The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania requires any person in direct contact with school children to complete background checks.  You can read more on the PA Department of Education’s Website

If you have any additional questions about volunteering in our district, please contact Monica McLaughlin at or at 215-944-1000.