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Gifted Education



Mental giftedness is defined as an Intelligence Quotient of 130 or higher or when multiple criteria as set forth in the Pennsylvania Code indicate gifted ability.  A student cannot be identified as gifted using only an IQ score. The student must also have a need for enrichment that cannot be fulfilled in regular education. Multiple Criteria is used to aid in determining eligibility for the Humanities Program. Multiple Criteria is defined by 22 Pa. Code 16.21 (d) as:

  • A year or more above grade achievement level for the normal age group in one or more subjects as measured by a nationally normed and validated achievement test.

  • An observed or measured rate of acquisition/retention of new academic content or skills.

  • Demonstrated achievement, performance, or expertise in one or more academic areas as evidenced by excellence of products, portfolio, or research, as well as criterion-reference team judgment.

  • Early and measured use of high level thinking skills, academic creativity, leadership skills, intense academic interest areas, communication skills, foreign language aptitude, or technology expertise.

  • Documented, observed, validated or assessed evidence that intervening factors are masking gifted ability.

Intervening Factors:

Intervening factors may mask gifted ability. Such factors are considered during the evaluation process.

Parent Requests:

A request is required by parents who are recommending their child for gifted screening. Chapter 16 of the PA Code permits parents to request one evaluation per year.


  • Results of the Gifted Multidisciplinary Evaluation (GMDE) will be reviewed by the Gifted Multidisciplinary Team (GMDT).  After reviewing the data, the GMDT will determine if the student is appropriate for placement in the program. A Gifted Written Report (GWR) is prepared. This report summarizes the findings from the evaluation.

  • A Gifted Individual Educational Program (GIEP) team will convene to review the recommendations and draft a GIEP for the student if he/she is found to be gifted and in need of enrichment.

  • In the event of a re-evaluation as requested by the parent or the LEA (Local Education Agency), and if the student is found to be no longer eligible for the mentally gifted program, the student will be recommended for return to regular education.

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