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Transportation Change Request Form



Transportation Change Request Form

Upon receiving this form, the TransportationDepartment will review the request based on the conditions listed below and respond in a timely manner.  Please note that submitting a change request does not mean that a change will be made.  All bus routes and stops are carefully chosen following State law, PennDOT guidelines, and School Board policy along with the below factors.

  • Primary factors concerning safety are volume of traffic, visibility, speed limit and age of the students
  • Sidewalks and street lights are not considered when choosing bus stop locations, neither is visibility of the stop from the house or driveway.
  • Because of the danger inherent in the backing of school buses, bus routes and stop locations are chosen to avoid the necessity of reversing the vehicle.
  • Routes are designed to avoid having buses travel into areas terminating at cul-de-sacs, dead ends, or developments where other vehicles or objects may block or hinder safe travel.
  • In recognizing each school bus stop on the congested roads and highways creates a hazard for students as well as the motoring public, the Council Rock School District Transportation Department attempts to keep the number of stops to a minimum.

Please also note that school bus drivers are not permitted to change stop locations without district approval. Drivers who stop at locations other than those officially listed are in violation of Board Policy and the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Code. Disciplinary action will be taken against drivers who violate this policy.

All requests should be for the current school year. Any requests for the upcoming school year needs to be made after July 1.  Please fill out this form and it will be submitted to the transportation department electronically.

First and Last Name
Home Address 1 Home Address 2 City State Zip
What school does your child currently attend?*requiredIf requesting for more than one child, choose all the schools that your children attend.
If requesting for more than one child, choose all the schools that your children attend.
If requesting for more than one child, enter all the grades for your children.
Must contain a date in M/D/YYYY format
Requester Information
First and Last Name
Please provide a detailed explanation for the transportation change request.