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    My 2019-20 NEWLY UPDATED NMS Classroom Seismograph Image below:
    (updated every 10 min, click it for larger version)

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    NMPA - Newtown, PA

    For a list of local earthquakes to compare to the seismograph, look here:

    To see significant recent earthquakes that have been uploaded to IRIS, look here:
    Mr. Curry's IRIS Seismograph Webpage
    Think you see an earthquake in the image above?
    To see if it might be a real earthquake, see if it was picked up in other locations;
    by checking out other seismographs here:
    Other Real-Time School Seismograph Images Link
    Where is the ISS now?


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    Welcome 2020-2021 Team Legacy Students !

    8th Grade Earth/Space Science - Mr. Curry - Newtown MS


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