Welcome to Mr. Floch’s Social Studies class!
    I hope you and your family are safe and well.  If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact me via e-mail at jfloch@crsd.org.  Students, use your school e-mail when corresponding with me.  I plan to check my e-mail throughout each school day between 8 AM and 3 PM.  I'm here to help.  
    I will not only use this management system, Blackboard Web Community Manager, but also Google Classroom.
    Following are assignments for Marking Period Three/Four beginning Monday, March 30, 2020.  PLEASE NOTE, you should spend approximately 20 per day on each of these assignments.  It is not necessary, nor advisable, to work ahead. 
    Seventh Grade = Blue
    Eighth Grade = Red
    Monday, March 30, 2020
    Academic needs to study for the test on Chapter 20, The Vikings, and be ready to take the test when I announce it.  Use the study guide to prepare. Here's the link to the test study guide... Chapter 20 The Vikings Test Study Guide .  Honors students need to continue working on The Vikings Packet.  If you do not have the packet at home, here is the link to print out another one...  The Vikings Packet  .
    Continue to study for the Chapter 10, Expansion and Growth, test.  Be ready to take the test; I will let you know when the test will be.  In addition, work on the Innovations and Inventions Project note-taking/paragraph writing. You were working with a partner and you discussed and divided up the work between the two of you.  Since we're now apart, I want you to research and cover ALL SIX of the inventors. If you still want to work with your partner, that's fine, but you'll share with me individually all six of the inventors.  Follow the directions on the guide.  You should create a Google doc to display and share your information and pictures with me.  Be sure your name and section number are on the Doc. Once done, share with me so that I can check your work.  Attached is the link for the test study guide and for the project...  Chapter 10 Test Study Guide Innovations and Inventions Project Guide .  
    Tuesday, March 31, 2020
    Everyone needs to continue to work on the packet, The Vikings.  Here is the link if you need a copy...  The Vikings Packet . Remember, when logging in to Discovery Education (discoveryeducation.com), you must go to the upper right corner and click on the login; login with Google.  If this is a prolem, you can always go to YouTube and watch Vikings videos there.  Please be complete when answering the packet questions and commenting on the videos. Academic students must be ready to take The Vikings test once I announce when it will be. 
    You should continue to prepare for the test on Chapter 10.  Also, work to complete the project -- Innovations and Inventions project. Remember, you're completing all six inventors (possibly with the help of your partner) and you're neatly and precisely placing the information, along with the colored pictures, on a Google doc that you will share with me once you are done.  This is due by the end of the school day this Friday.    
    Wednesday, April 1, 2020
    Everyone needs to continue with work on The Vikings Packet.  Also, Academic must also study for the test on The Vikings.  Be prepared!
    Watch the YouTube video = What was the Missouri Compromise? History (History Channel), 2m22s. Create a Quizlet for the test and study to prepare.  How is the project coming along? Video link - What was the Missouri Compromise?
    Thursday, April 2, 2020

    Click the link to the following YouTube video and write a six to eight sentence paragraph summarizig what you have viewed. Put the paragraph on a Google doc and share it with me once completed.  As always, put your name and section number on the document.       Video = How the Vikings Colonized America


    Use the Quizlet to continue studying for the test on Chapter 10, Expansion and Growth.  If you are not done with the project (paragraphs/note-taking and pictures), Innovations and Inventions, please finish.   The project is due tomorrow by the end of the school day.



    Friday, April 3, 2020
    You need to finish any unfinished work from the week.  The Vikings Packets must be completed.  Be sure the paragraph on the video (yesterday's assignment) is compete with full sentences; be complete with your work.  Share the Doc with me when finished. 
    Finish, if necessary, the project Innovations and Inventions.  Reread Chapter 10, Expansion and Growth to refresh your memory!  Study for the test on Chapter 10; use your Quizlet.
    Monday, April 13, 2020
    Read in Chapter 12, The Byzantine Empire, Section One, pages 352 and 353 (The Geography of the Byzantine Empire). Academic students, you have a school issued textbook with you at home.  Honors, you must use the online textbook.  You should read this at least two times.  On a sheet of paper, answer the three questions at the bottom of page 353. Review/study the map on page 353... Think about what the map is showing you.  Write at least two sentences to record your thoughts.  Put this on the same paper that you put the answers to the three questions.   
    Tuesday, April 14, 2020
    Print out the map -- The Geography of the Byzantine Empire, along with the map directions.  Here are the links... 

    Geography of the Byzantine Empire Map  and Map Directions. Work on the map following the directions.  Use page 353 to help with the map completion.  

    Wednesday, April 15, 2020
    Continue to work on the map, The Geography of the Byzantine Empire.  Academic students must also continue to study and be prepared for the test on The Vikings; the test will be the day you return to school.   
    Thursday, April 16, 2020
    Begin to study for the upcoming quiz on Section One of Chapter 12, The Byzantine Empire.  Section One is The Early Empire on pages 352-359 in the World History Great Civilizations textbook.  The study guide link is...  Section One The Early Empire Test Study Guide . Make a Quizlet in order to study for the test next week.  
    Friday, April 17, 2020
    Read at least two times pages 352-359, Section One, The Early Empire, of Chapter 12.  Continue to study for the Section One test.  Did you make a Quizlet in order to prepare thoroughly?