CRAFT (Council Rock Arts For Teens)

  •  The hills are alive, with...

    The Sound of Music!

    March 4th and 5th, 2022

    Newtown Middle School Auditorium


    Information Meeting:  Thursday, October 28th, RA period, Auditorium

    Auditions:  Saturday, November 13th, 9-12noon, sign up for a specific time slot

    Call Backs, not always needed, so:  TBA




    Meet the CRAFTPlayers Team!

    Mrs. Kristen Zarutskie, Producer

    Mrs. Erinn Demskis, Producer

    Ms. Diana Wargo, Choreography

    Mr. Ken Ambs, Technical Supervisor

    Ms. Jennifer Colantonio, Wardrobe

    Mr. Doug Demskis, Set Construction

    Mr. Keith Wiggs, Set Construction