• Dear Parent or Guardian,

    Pennsylvania school law requires a screening for Scoliosis be performed on all students in grades six and seven.

    The Health and Physical Education staff will conduct the screening. Your child will be notified of their screening date. The purpose of the screening is to detect possible curvature of the spine in children. If the condition is detected early and appropriately treated, progressive spinal deformity may be prevented.

    The screening is very simple and in most cases can be performed in less than a minute. The screening is not diagnostic. Should a deviation be observed, you will be notified so that you can arrange to have your child examined by your pediatrician, family physician, or orthopedist.

    To assure a view of the spine, we will request that the students expose their backs during the screening. It is recommended that boys wear gym shorts and a t-shirt and girls wear an open back or two piece bathing suit on screening day. If you are aware of any spinal deviation, please have your child inform the staff member performing the screening, in writing, at the time of the screening. Notes can be addressed to the NMS HPE Staff or the NMS Nurse, and must be signed by the student’s parent or guardian.


    Newtown Middle School

    Health and Physical Education Staff

    PDF Version of this Letter to Parents

Last Modified on February 23, 2010