• Mrs. Bruno
    Academic and Honors English
    215-944-2643(voice mail only)
     Welcome to English Class!
    Hi, everyone
    I hope you are all doing well.  I miss seeing you each day, but I hope you are gaining quality time with your family.  During Distance Learning, you will access all of your assignments in Google Classroom.  We will be using some new programs, but you will receive specific instructions for everything we use.  Please abide by the following expectations:
    • Check Google Classroom EVERY day for your assignments.  Any notes I need you to review will also be posted there.
    • If you have any questions about an assignment, please email me.
    • All work must be YOUR own.  This is your learning experience, not a parent's or a sibling's.
    • Take pride in your work.  Even though we aren't in the classroom, treat each assignment as if it is extremely important.
    • Any time I have the class post work, you must be respectful of others' responses.
    • Please try to finish assignments by the due date posted.  If there is a problem, please email me that day.