Newtown Middle School

    General Music

    Mr. Dolan (mdolan@crsd.org) 215/944-2625


    Evaluation in music class is based almost entirely on what you DO in class.

    Your attitude, therefore, will definitely affect your ability to succeed!

    FORMULA FOR SUCCESS = Positive Attitude + Politeness + Participation


    Welcome to Music Class, arts rotation T-3

    (for kids who were supposed to begin on 3/13 and 3/16):  We will be doing all music class through Canvas!



     8th Grade Park Day


    7th Grade Drum Compositions-Hall of Fame

    Composed and performed by 7th graders
    Rowland, Wishing, McNamara
    This was composed and performed by 8th graders










    7th Grade

         Listening Log                                  5 %

         Theory/Listen Quiz                         5 %

         Rhythm Composition                     5 %

         Rhythm Dictation Quiz                   5 %

         World Music Drumming                12.5 %

         Percussion Composition                12.5 %

         Individual Drumming                      10 %

         Term Test                                         5 %

         Class Participation                          40 %


      8th Grade

         20th Century Composition              10 %

         Guitar Performances                       15 %

         Group Performance/Chimes           12.5 %

         Group Chime Composition            12.5 %

         Individual Chime Performance      5 %

         Term Test                                         5 %

         Class Participation                          40 %





    We are a community of learners where respectful behavior is expected at all times.  Class will always begin with “Good Morning/Afternoon” from the instructor.  That is your signal to pay close attention.  All personal materials brought with you to class will be stored in the cubby holes outside of the music room.  All materials will be supplied to you for each class.


    You are expected to:

    o        Participate in all activities with a positive attitude.

    o        Demonstrate courtesy and respect to everyone at all times.

    o        Treat instruments with proper care.




    The results of inappropriate behavior include:

    • Verbal warning and/or loss of a class participation point.
    • Change of seat and/or clinic detention and loss of a class participation point.
    • Phone call to parent and/or office referral and loss of two class participation points.


    Handouts and Student Absences


    One copy of each handout is prepared for you.  It is your responsibility to have any handout with you when required by the instructor.  Replacement copies will be accompanied by a loss of a class participation point.


    Choose a “note buddy” who will provide you with information, notes, or handouts when you are absent from class.  Material covered in your absence will be on the final test and you will be responsible for it.



    Movies sometimes used in Music Class include:

    Music Man, rated G - 7th Grade Music
    West Side Story, rated PG - 8th Grade Music



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