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     All Mrs. Hansberry's homework, test/quiz dates and daily lessons(notes) are now on my Canvas page

                Use this link:  Canvas

     The log in is the same as for Google.  Their CR email address (ID#@student.crsd.org) and CR password.  If the link does not work for you, just search the internet for “Sign in to Office 365” to find the log in screen. The first time that you enter my Classroom, you will need the code that I gave you on the first day of class to enter your specific class. 

    Link to on-line book for Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1 :  
    Login info for book:
    Username: CRstudent#
    Password: Crsdstudent#



    Clinics:  days RA (you must obtain a pass before 8:05)

                      Thursday after school (no pass needed, just tell me prior)

                                    Calculator Letter for Algebra Students 
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    "Many students think A's and B's are just going to happen, possibly because they have always happened before.  However, as the level of math increases and the content deepens, the need for studying intensifies.  Reviewing class notes, reworking previously completed homework problems, and reworking quiz problems, paying particular attention to teacher feedback, are excellent methods to prepare for class assessments."



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