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     We have moved over to CANVAS

    * please check Canvas class calendar for when assignments are due

    *please check Canvas modules for class notes for reveiw

    "If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together."     -African Proverb
    Pursuit of Happiness: 6 steps

     Welcome to 7th grade SS/Gifted = Aspire style!


    Meet Ms. Kepp Please click to meet Ms. Kepp


    Homeroom BTSN info: BTSN info

    Classes BTSN INFO :BTSN info


    All Students will be using the text book:

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    Ancient Through Modern Times website: www.myngconnect.com
    - click MY NG connect students
    user name will be given in class.
    PASSWORDS: All passwords begin with CR then the student's ID number (CR+studentID#) ex CR123456
    You can access online for online reading, text read aloud, activites, quiz and text reviews.  

    nb  Notebook Organization-Suggested (only first TAB required)

    5 Tabs

    TAB 1- REQUIRED: instructional hand outs: these stay in your notebook all year and include: 

    -Stamp sheet (you will get a new one every marking period)

    -Active Reading Strategies

    -Graphic Organizers

    - Instructions for skills for reading and taking notes

    -5 Themes of Civlization & Evidence (PEDKaP)-you write these


    TAB 2-Daily Notes

    -you need to have loose leaf paper to take notes

    -date and title notes every day

    -copy objective every day

    TAB 3-Class activity hand outs (maybe incorporated with tab 2 if you like)

    -these maybe class readings, group activities, etc.

    TAB 4-returned assignments



    -graded hw

    -stamped hw

    -graded projects

    TAB 5-extra looseleaf paper

    *I will not collect and grade your notebook-however you may be allowed to use your organized notebook or parts of it for tests-this will be at my discretion.



     Fixed vs Growth mindsetstudy
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       Class: info
     CLASSROOM RULES  Room C115 Rules ca  
    1. RESPECT everyone in room C115 at all times-safe place here!
    2. be kind it is easy-greet each other and me as you enter our abode-let's make everyone feel welcomed and wanted.
    3. be responsible-as you enter room please remember to pick up the class hand outs by the front door on the table and copy objectives
    4. please raise your hand if you need attention, have an answer or question.
    5. Cell phones off and away every day 
    6. FUN = Focus Upon New ( lesson, day, activity, skill, etc.)
    ”If words come out of the heart, they will enter the heart, but if they come from the tongue, they will not pass beyond the ears”
    — Abu al-Najib al-Suhrawardi.



    Hey for fun what Greek god are you like?

     click here:survey  or  click here:survey 

    .** Please keep your student assignment book up to date with assignments, check with your classmates or with me if you have any questions regarding assignments. Assignments are due on due date, if late no credit. If absent it must be turned in by the next class meeting. If you are absent for notes please check the website, the hand out shelf in the room and with a class mate or with me for notes missed on the day you were absent. You will also need to check for missed assignments. This is your responsibility. Most power points shown in class are posted in class notes  for student to use at home as a review or preview for class. Please check  thank you! Mrs. N ** ,
    contact email: dnangle@crsd.org
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