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    Email Address: dnoseworthy@crsd.org
    Phone number: (215) 944-2638

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    8th Grade Health
    Self Esteem
    Consumer Health
    Over the Counter Medicine
    First Aid
    Note sheet for FIRST AID
    Illegal Drugs/Prescription Drugs
    7th Grade Physical Education
    FALL (1st Marking Period)
       Invasion Games
       Soccer, Football, Lacrosse, Speedball, Tchoukball, Hockey
    (2nd Marking Period)
       Fitness Testing - Fitness Principles & Application
       Circuit Training, Weight Room, Rock Wall, Jump Rope, Obstacle Course
    (3rd Marking Period)
       In-Line Skating        Dance      Target Games
    (4th Marking Period)
    Net Games (Volleyball, Badminton, Pickleball, Tennis)
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