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    Pic of the Week! --- Spring Toad!


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    If you need to contact me I will be available through email, use the link above.  I will be available from 8:00a.m. to 3:30p.m., response time may vary! 

    Hey Guys,  Google Classroom is how I will be posting all my classwork.  


    Please be mindful of your time and how much time you have to spend on each assignment. Be sure to work on other content areas too.  Try to seek balance.

    This Week in Science: All through your Google Classroom!

    Academic:                                                                                                   Honors:

    Continue with Renewable Project                                                      Wrap up 4.3 this week -- QUIZ AT END OF WEEK

    5/18 - Continue Renewables Geothermal                                          5/18  - Ecosystem work due, start 4.3

    5/19- Solar                                                                                          5/19 - Population activity

    5/20 - Biomass                                                                                    5/20 -  Population Review

    5/21 - Tidal                                                                                           5/21 - Chapter 4 Quiz

    5/22 - TBD                                                                                           5/22 - TBD


    Please, both you and your family, stay healthy and be smart during this unique and challenging time!


    Mr. Wiggs




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