• Four Pillars of Character

    4 pillars



    • Cooperation is working with one or more individuals in a kind, supportive, and helpful way.
    • Students will wait patiently for their turn.
    • Students will use kind, encouraging, and helpful words.



    • Respect is being kind and polite to all people.
    • Students will listen while others speak.
    • Students will walk quietly in the hallways.
    • Students will be polite and use good manners.



    • Responsibility is being honest and telling the truth about the choices one makes. It is completing assigned tasks and following the expectations of our school, classroom, cafeteria, and recess yard.
    • Students will be honest.
    • Students will complete their schoolwork.
    • Students will work hard as learners.
    • Students will follow all directions.
    • Students will accept the consequences they earned.



    • Good sportsmanship is playing a game fairly and accepting in a positive way winning or losing.
    • Students will include others who are being left out.
    • Students will play by the rules.
    • Students will use kind words during a game.