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    Reading Kick Back

    Reading Kick Back

    Reading Kick Back

    Dear Holland Elementary Family:

    Books change children's lives and open windows to the world around them. Holland Elementary wants to enable students to continue expanding their reading abilities by starting a Guided Reading Leveled Book Room - and we are asking for your help.

    HollandElementary has a goal of raising $10,000 by February 28th, for a complete Guided Reading Leveled Book Room of hundreds of leveled books for students.

    How will we raise $10,000?From February 8th through February 28th, HollandElementary is hosting its first Read-A-Thon for students.We're confident that we can meet our goal with your support.

    Here are the facts:

    ·Currently, all classrooms have libraries of books which promote literacy, vocabulary and comprehension. All students have the opportunity to select books to read in their classroom library on a daily basis. Although guided reading books in multiple genres are not a required component of Council Rock's reading program, they are highly regarded as an important enhancement and resource to any school's reading program.

    ·Books in a leveled guided reading room will allow teachers to continue to use a more personalized and precise approach to reading. Books will be categorized into levels of difficulty. Your child will be matched to an appropriate book level: one that is challenging enough to allow for progress in reading, without causing frustration. The additional leveled reading books will be used during independent reading and small group instruction. Teachers will have the advantage of choosing multiple titles and genres in sets of books during small group instruction.

    ·The leveled reading books are another valuable tool for teachers. They will enhance our teachers' abilities to help your child grow and develop as a life-long reader.

    Your child's love of reading begins NOW during these years at Holland Elementary.

    Please help us provide your child with these valuable additional resources - the leveled reading books -by participating in the Read-A-Thon.

    For more information, please see Holland Elementary's web page @ CRSD.org, or contact either Tara Gittelman, literacy specialist at 215-944-1573 (tgittelman@crsd.org) or Mrs. Patty Pine at 215-504-5436 (pgalla4727@aol.com).Materials will be coming home with your child in a few days.


    Holland Elementary Teachers and Staff

Last Modified on February 23, 2010