Welcome to the Hillcrest Elementary School’s Website. Hillcrest Elementary School in Holland, Pennsylvania is situated in the beautiful and historic Bucks County, just northeast of Philadelphia.  As you approach our school, banners proclaiming “Hillcrest Children Succeed” welcome you to our building.  With an enthusiastic, dedicated and intrinsically motivated staff, our school is committed to the social, emotional, and academic growth of our students. Because we are preparing our children to be responsible citizens in the 21st Century, we, at Hillcrest, believe in giving them the tools to be self-motivated learners who are creative problem solvers, flexible thinkers, effective questioners, productive team members, and competent information managers.


    We are a K-6 building with 509 students. As you enter our building, the Hillcrest Credo and our mascot, Tigger the tiger, will greet you. Four hundred pieces of framed student artwork grace the hallways.  Several teachers have turned a courtyard into our “Children’s Garden,” which is used for science observations and a quiet reading and writing place. Seven modular classroom units house our humanities, math support and enrichment, English as a Second Language, speech and language, instrumental strings and reading recovery programs.  Because we are a collaborative community, we call ourselves the Hillcrest Family.  We truly believe that excellence in education is reached when the principal, parents, teachers, children, and the extended community work together to create an educational climate that encourages active and creative learning.  Because of this philosophy we embrace the “inclusion” model at our school.  All children, regardless of learning style, receive their education in the general education classroom with extra support given in a supplemental support room on an “as needed” basis.  It is important for children to recognize differences and realize that they can learn from each other.  If our goal is to nurture life-long learners, students must be exposed to diversity and become aware that “collective wisdom” originates from many, not a chosen few.


    Hillcrest values the importance of a balanced standards-based curriculum that serves the broad goals for student learning and development. Academic, social, and emotional growth are the core of our mission statement, and these diverse needs are met through many special programs and services. Innovation is the norm, rather than the exception.  Hillcrest teachers are recognized for their leadership and creative approaches to developing and presenting curriculum. Our teachers and principal are committed to professional development. Exposure to new and varied educational approaches encourages all of us to be reflective learners and to implement “best practices.” 


    The staff and I hope you enjoyed visiting our website and learning about Hillcrest Elementary School.  For more information please call the school office at (215) 944-1600.  

Last Modified on December 13, 2012