Welcome to the 2021 CR North Track Team. 

    By reading this letter you have taken the first step towards becoming the best conditioned and best trained athlete you can be.  Whether you continue on this path or not is strictly up to you.  Accept the challenge.  Commit yourself to hard work and positive thinking.  Don't be afraid to find out what your limits are, or if you have any.  Break out of your comfort zone for a few minutes every day.  

    Last year was a lost season.  We have much to make up for ourselves and the team.  In 2019, we finished 3-3 in the conference, and advanced 3 Individuals to States.  Two of those individuals came home with medals.  We will continue to improve on that record this year.  It will not be easy.  The "experts" around the league do not expect us to be competitive as a team, or to advance anyone to states.  I believe they are wrong.  I believe we are going to surprise some people.  In our sport, more than just about any other, consistent hard work pays off.  What I believe as a coach however, is not nearly as important as what YOU believe as an athlete, or what WE believe as a team.  

    We are all part of a proud family.  It is the responsibility of each one of us to add to, and not detract from the tradition of The ROCK.  Always compete hard.  Respect your opponents, but never fear them.  Do not sacrifice your gifts.  Go to be every night knowing that you have done your best.  Secure in the fact that you will wake up the next morning a bit faster, a bit stronger, and a bit more confident.  Live Billy Mill's, one of the United States distance greats, four virtues:  Bravery, Fortitude, Wisdom, Humility.  


    1. Always keep up your grades.  More than one meet has been lost to academic ineligibility.  Don't let "spring fever" or "senioritis" become an excuse for not finishing your job in the classroom.  We are student's first, athletes second.

    2. Attend every practice.  Everything we do has a purpose.  Missing a practice means you are missing a piece of the puzzle...a piece that could be important come championship time in May.  

    3. Always strive to win. But win or lose, practice good sportsmanship.  Remember the word "COMPETE" means "to strive together".  Our toughest competitors give us a reason to work harder in the race towards excellence.  They bring out our best.  

    4. Remember to have fun. Sports are supposed to be fun.  Take the time to enjoy our successes and to learn from our failures. 

    5. Honor Our Commitments.  The family is first, academics second and the team third.  Set personal goals and work towards them every day.  A sense of honor can never be stolen, but it can be lost.  

    Let's go out and have a great season!

    Work Hard, Be Strong, Think Big.

    Coach Marrington


    Information about forms for Athletic participation are found on the Athletic trainer's site.  Follow this link to find the forms:  https://www.crsd.org/Page/1341 





    Varsity Coach
    Dave Marrington
    (215-944-1314 c/o Athletic Office)
    Asst. Coach – Rob Rogers
    (215-944-1333/Social Studies IPC)
    Room 281West
    Asst. Coach – Rich Loughran
    (215- 944-????/NMS)
    Asst. Coach – Stephen Lee
    Asst. Coach – Steve Harnish
Last Modified on April 14, 2021