•   FAQ’s about the
    What is the Elementary Performance Assessment (EPA)?
    It is a process developed to measure the ability of our sixth grade students to research from a variety of sources and present information orally, visually, and in word-processed form.
    What does the process entail?
    It is a positive way to integrate multiple skill areas: content (social studies, science, etc.), research/library skills, reading, writing, speaking, thinking skills, art, computer skills (word processing and accessing electronic resources).
    Why is the emphasis on research so important?
    Learning research skills through a variety of sources, including computer technology, will help students manage the explosion of information that comes their way.
    What are the performance standards for EPA?
    Council Rock sixth graders are expected to create and present an overall quality product which requires them to:
       Effectively use research strategies
       Effectively communicate through writing, speaking, listening, and visual form.
       Function as a self-directed learner
       Use technology as a tool
    How long is the assessment?
    Three days. The first two days the students will have 8 hours to do the following:
       Research a question
       Prepare and Works Consulted (bibliography)
       Prepare a 1 to 2 page written research paperon the word processor
       Prepare an oral presentation
       Prepare a visual to enhance the oral presentation
       On the last day, each student will present the culmination of his/her work to two examiners.
    How will my child be scored?
    Performance levels are noted for each skill area according to a set of criteria (rubrics) shared with the students prior to the assessment.
    How will I be informed of my child’s performance?
    A score sheet, along with a personal note written by the assessors, and a copy of your child’s written research paper will be sent home at the completion of the assessment.
    Are there any special adaptations made for students with learning challenges?
    Teachers support children as needed. Adaptations are documented and may include:
       Extra time to complete tasks
       Teacher assistance
    Is the Performance Assessment score included on my child’s report card? Does the Performance Assessment have any bearing on my child’s ranking as she/he moves to junior high?
    At this stage of the program, children do not receive a grade for their performance in the assessment. No, their score does not affect their ranking as they enter junior high.
    Can my child be excused from the Performance Assessment?
    No, the assessment is mandatory in the district. Children, who are ill or absent from school due to vacation, will be rescheduled to complete their assessment.
    If my child does not perform well, will he/she have the opportunity to redo the assessment?
    No, the score stands for the original attempt. The only exception would be a child who has excessively plagiarized his/her research paper. In this case, the child would be required to redo the research paper, eliminating the plagiarism.