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    Welcome to Room 23!

     Mrs. Lenicky's 5th Grade Class
    of "Fantasticos!"


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    Bayazet A.

    Daniel C.

    Grayson C.

    Nate D.

    Avery E.

    Cayla F.

    Mason G.

    Juliana H.

    Addie H.

    Nolan H.

    Sam H.

    Esther K.

    Regan K.

    Alanna M.

    Ben M.

    Ava N.

    William O.

    Iva P.

    Audrey P.

    Jess R.

    Daniel S.

    Mckenna S.

    Tyler S.

    Emma S.

    Isabelle T.

    Daria V.

    Nolan Z.

    You're STARS!

    Always fall FORWARD!

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