•   Welcome back to PE!!

      Call it what you wish.  Wherever you may be learning from...the living room, backyard, basement, office, kitchen or your personally created movement lab.   Plan to stay active with me in the coming weeks. Let's do this and make it worthwhile.  Please be sure to have fun and take this serious at the same time.  There is nothing more important than your health. Aside from social distancing in the upcoming weeks, making healthy choices with food and staying physically active during this pandemic are in my opinion two of the most important things you should be doing.

      You will see me begin to add activities below in the coming days.  I plan to also use Google Meet to go Live from time to time.  I am busy going through various trainings to best meet your needs.  Please be patient.  This is very new to all of us.  

     Please visit my Google Site below by clicking the link below.  I will post all information and lessons on this google site..    

     Click Below

    Mr. Weaver's Google PE Site for Distance Learning