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    Hi boys and girls!  My name is Mrs.  Frawley and I will be your third grade teacher!  
    I am very excited for school to start!   
    Here is a picture of my family.  We all went to Council Rock schools, like you!  Someday that may be you in a cap and gown at CR North.  I enjoy spending  time with my family in Disney, Yellowstone and Teton National Parks, and wherever else we can get away.  I also enjoy watching my boys in their music and sports activities.
                                       Family 2017
    We have a yellow labrador named Bailey.  You will hear lots of stories about him this year.  We go to the mountains a lot and Bailey loves it there.  He has really enjoyed Virtual Learning, because that means there are more people home with him!  He will probably make an appearance in at least one of our morning meetings this fall.
    Third grade is full of lots of fun activities and I am looking forward to learning with you.  If you have time, have a grown up help you write an email to me so I can learn a little bit about you !  My email address is at the bottom of this page.
    There is a school supply list on the main school webpage (if it is not there yet, it will be soon!).  
    As they say in Disney, "See you real soon!".
    If you have a message that needs to be addressed quickly (transportation changes, etc),
    it is best to contact the office and they can relay the message to me.  215-944-2200