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    Music Program

    Kathleen O'Connor

    Each student meets weekly for a general music class, in a spiral, sequential approach, beginning in kindergarten. Children strive toward the following objectives:

    • Singing
    • Directed listening
    • Playing classroom instruments
    • Learning musical notation
    • Understanding musical form
    • Relating music to cultural diversity and historic development
    • Comparing music to other disciplines
    • Developing aesthetic criteria

    CHORUS - GRADES FIVE AND SIX, Kathleen O'Connor

    All students in grade five and six are given the opportunity to perform in a large choral group. Chorus extends, refines, and enriches the basic skills that are taught in the general music curriculum. Concerts are presented in the Winter and in the Spring. The choral groups at Richboro Elementary School this year include:

    • Grade 5 Chorus
    • Grade 6 Chorus



    Through an audition process-involving tests of pitch, rhythm and tonal memory, a District Chorus experience is offered to talented students already involved in their school chorus. Mrs.  O'Connor will hold auditions in the fall. Evening rehearsals culminate in participation in an all district concert.

    INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC - Betty Hintenlang, Ben Keller

    Instruction in string instruments is offered in third grade. Wind and percussion instrument instruction begins in fourth grade. Weekly group lessons are given to students to learn the fundamentals of music and music performance on their instrument. Continuing instruction culminates in proficiency on an instrument. The following musical objectives are taught:

    • Developing technical facility, breath control, tone quality, rhythmic accuracy, articulation, and pitch awareness
    • Identifying and interpreting expressive musical elements
    • Developing effective rehearsal skills
    • Developing aesthetic criteria
    • Reinforcing the value of disciplined practice

    BAND - Betty Hintenlang AND ORCHESTRA - Ben Keller

    All instrumental students are given the opportunity to perform in a large group ensemble. This extends, refines, and enriches the basic skills that are taught in small group instruction. A concert is presented in Winter and Spring.


    Upon attaining an advanced level of proficiency, talented students are recommended for participation in District Band or Orchestra. Weekly rehearsals culminate in an all district concert.