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    Dear Kindergarten Parents,

    During this time away from school, I have prepared some lessons for your child to complete to keep fresh the concepts we have learned in school, and to keep him or her reading and writing.  Please note, your child will not be penalized if he or she does not complete the work.

    Plans for Monday

    Morning Meeting:  Welcome to our new way of being together.  Is today a lion day or a lamb day?  Tomorrow is the last day of March.  Do you know the name of the next month? If you can try to find a calendar for our next month as we will be talking about that month.  Here are some plans for today.  Pleaser e-mail me if you have any questions.  I would love to hear from you.

    Language Arts:  Vowel review (short a sound).  Go to www.starfall. com on your computer or chrome book.  Click on kindergarten.  Click on cat at the bottom.  The 5 vowels will appear.  Click on the letter a.  Your child should do the activity.  This is a review so your child should know what to do.  When finished, have your child write 5 words with short a.   Reading and writing:  Have your child find a toy or object.  Have your child write at least 2 sentences about the object.  Please help him or her sound out the words that he or she is writing. 

    Math:  Have your child write the numbers from 1 -20.  Then have your child find 10 pennies.  Have him or her use the pennies to solve these problems (If he or she does not need the pennies that is great!)  5+3=___     2+6=___    6+4=___    8+1=___     5+0=___    4+4=___    7+2=___     5+5=___

    Science:  Talk about the signs of spring.  If it works for you take a walk outside to look for signs of spring.  Have your child draw a spring picture that possibly  includes:  flowers starting to grow, birds in the trees, etc.

    I will have new plans for Tuesday.  Please e-mail me if you have any questions or concerns.

    Jeanne Wagner


    Supply List

    1. A backpack
    2. One folder for notes and papers
    3. Glue sticks for projects (the larger ones last longer)


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