• Spelling List #1  Short a and o



    1.       Hidden Picture- Draw a picture and then hide your words in the picture. See if a friend or family member can find all of them!

    2.       Finger Back Spelling- Take turns spelling and guessing each word on a family member’s back.

    3.       Circle Little Words- Write each word and circle the little word in the bigger words.  Ex. Gr  e a t

    4.       Spell Creatively- Use one of the following to spell your words: playdough, chalk, glitter, beans, cereal, noodles, salt, sugar, raisins, M&M’s, shaving cream or anything fun!

    5.       Newspaper Words- Cut letters out of magazines or newspapers and use them to spell your words.

    6.       Spelling City- Log onto www.spellingcity.com, enter your words and play some fun activities!

    If you use this teacher's website, the lessons are already typed up for you! http://www.spellingcity.com/highlands2/

    7.       Make a Word Search- Make a list of your spelling words on a word search program and print it out.  (http://www.puzzlemaker.com)