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    Our class Google Classroom will have all the weekly assignments beginning on Monday, March 30th. Science and Social Studies assignments will be found on Ms. Kramarev's, Mrs. Molishus' and Mrs. Murray's Science, Humanities and Social Studies Google Classroom(s).  Special teachers will have a link in our weekly schedule telling you how to access their classes.  Please DO NOT stress about all of this.  We will all learn this new way of learning together! (And keep playing First in Math!)



    Spring is here!

    Soon we will be contacting you regarding online instruction which will begin next week.

      Read for 15 minutes a day! 

    Kid Biz - Read to Succeed Contest still on! We are in....keep reading those articles!

    Me Mag:

    Top Five and Book Review due 4/3

    Favorite Restaurant, One Wish, Current Events & Teen Helper due dates to be revised

    Complete First In Math Skill Levels 1-8; if completed finish the Whole Number and Fractions Gyms

    Social Studies: Chapter 7 Google Slides - Southern Colonies


    Study Guide

    Study Guide Answer Key

    Optional viewing: Brainpop videos- Jamestown, Part 1, Jamestown, Part 2,

    Underground Railroad

    Building the Thirteen Colonies & Regions of the Thirteen Colonies








    Our school nurse would like you to know that you can get your child's 6th grade physical this school year.  There are forms posted on her website.  Contact Stephanie Mallee for further details.
    from the International Worldwide Literacy Association! Enjoy!