• CRSD Issued Chromebook

    Who to contact if you have an issue:

    WiFi Issues:  Your Provider (Comcast, Verizon, etc.)

    Password Issues:  Mary Garven  Mgarven@crsd.org

    Tech Issues:  chromesupport@crsd.org


    Goodnoe Elementary School Library

    A Quick Hello

    Welcome Back! 

    It is so good to be back, we have missed seeing you during this long summer.  We hope, you are ready to learn.  You will be having a library class, once a week. We will be using Google classroom, which can be accessed with the code or link from your homeroom teacher.  You can email your homeroom teacher or myself if you are not sure of your classroom code. 

    Mrs. Garven is the new library assistant.  We are very happy and fortunate to welcome her to our library.  She worked with Mrs. Bachman for many years, so you will recognize her when you see her. 

    Remember, we will all be learning virtually in the beginning of the school year.   I can’t wait to get started. 

    Mrs. Minetola