Newtown Elementary School-Code of Conduct
    Please review the following documents.  We hope this provides clarity to our school expectations and a system to communicate progress or concerns to you.  Please feel free to call your teacher or Mr. King with any questions.  Our School-wide Positive Behavioral Support System will only work with your support.

    • Newtown Belief StatementsNewtown Belief Statements were created by staff and are reviewed annually. They drive all decisions related to our students and school.
    • Parent Overview Letter -  This letter is provided so parents will have an overview and better understanding of our School-wide Positive Behavioral Support System.
    • Code of Conduct - This document was created by a team of teachers and NES parents. It clearly states the expectations for various areas of the building and portions of the day. Posters of this document will be on display in all areas of the building.
    • Good News- This Knight's Honor is used to provide public and positive recognition for all those students making good choices and following our four themes.  All staff can give a Knight's Honor to any student.  The student has the choice of displaying the Knight's Honor on the cafeteria bulletin board OR taking it home to share with parents.
    • Behavior Reminder- The Behavior Reminder is utilized to alert parents when students break our Code of Conduct.
    • Restorative Agreements -  A Restorative Agreement is utilized when students are involved in a conflict or dispute that negatively affects another.  It is a learning tool completed by students, but assisted by professional staff.  The purpose of the form and process are to teach, hold students accountable for their own behavior and to support students in "making it right" with others involved.  
    • Cafeteria/Recess Guidelines Students and Parents- This document outlines the procedures and expectations in the cafeteria and recess.