• Welcome to Newtown Elementary 2015-2016
     I have worked at Newtown Elementary since it opened.   I have worked in every grade except for kindergarten and third grade.  Each year is different so my website holds a variety of sources and links across the grades.  Math especially holds many great links to practice basic math skill

    On a personal note, I have been a Seeing Eye Puppy Raiser for over 20 years.  My family has brought several puppies to visit classrooms to provide exposure time for the puppies and also educate the students about the visually impaired.  I also enjoy biking and reading.  Recently, I became an avid birder and enjoy the adventure of finding and discovering the identity of the birds I see.  It also has broaden my appreciation for nature and desire to "help" save our wildlife for the future.  My enthusiasm for birding has encouraged me to open the door to birding at Newtown Elementary.  Mrs. Frawley and I were overwhelmed when the Council Rock Educational Foundation gave us a grant to develop "Budding Birders" for the 2016-2017 school year.  


           Eragon Ready for summer seeing eye puppy faye     grandchildren