• Hello! Spring is when we begin to explore plants and seeds in Kindergarten.  This will be so easy for you to do at home.  I am sending each child a letter and a pack of seeds in the mail to get started (don't tell, let it be a surprise!)  Below I have included links to many different activities, journals, crafts, life cycle videos, etc.  Do as much or as little as you would like.  

    Our other science unit is Using our 5 Senses.  We have already begun to talk about these and I usually incorporate them different times during the year and then do a culminating group of senses centers in May to bring it all together.  I will work on that for home for you. 

    When school was a little more fun and I use to be able to feed the children...I would do some of these awesome "eat a plant" and "eat a flower" activities.  Now you can do them if you want at home!! Go for it if you can get ingredients.   

    Plant Life Cycle

    What is a seed?

    The Tiny Seed Activity

    Tiny Seed Printable

    Measuring Garden -great combo of measuring and plants and seeds!!

    Measurement Garden Cards

    Fun Plant Experiments -I've done many from here over the years

    Greenhouses for window -we do these at school every year-very fun! 

    Adorable snail craft!

    Flower Parts Flip Book -this would have been a center 

    Number Word Matching Flower Pots -also a center

    Adorable Flower Number Line Activity

    Paint with CELERY!!

    Check back for more as you receive your seeds in the mail!! Yay! 


  • Our next math topic to start up the fourth marking period is SHAPES-2D and 3D.  We started off the year talking about 2D shapes and have been using them in many math activities throughout the school year.  We touched on 3D shapes a little during November I believe, when our calendar included them in the patterns.  I have included a few videos here to watch (some they have seen, some not) and some activities to try at home to achieve mastery of  these shape names.  It is also helpful for the students to begin to understand the number of sides, corners, faces, edges, and be able to compare one shape with another when it comes to these features.  We also do an activity where we explore whether of not those 3D shapes can roll, slide, or stack.  Have fun with this!  Most of the class is almost there with this already.  This is an excellent exploratory learning opportunity. Search for these shapes around the home, outside, with friends over virtual playdates, at grandma's house on a facetime call, wherever! Have fun with this skill! If your child still needs some help with the adding and subtracting then continue that while working in some shapes if you can.  Remember, the addition and subtraction mastery includes solving with maniplatives, not memorizing! 

    Describing 3D Shapes Video

    3D Monster Truck Video

    2D & 3D Shapes Racing Video (LONG ONE!)

    Name the Shape Game Video

    3D Shape Video

    Stack, Slide, or Roll Video

    Roll a 3D Shape Game

    3D Shape Write the Room  -this would have been a center during "shape" centers 

    3D Shape Search

    Roll and Color

    2D and 3D Flash Cards

    2D/3D Shape Sorting

    3D Shape Sorting Mats  -another center from "shapes" weeks

    3D Shape Puzzles




  • Here are the passwords and login information one more time for the happy numbers website.  I have us signed up until June 30th.  Please take advantage!