• Wrightstown ListServ

    Whether we are at home or at work, many of us rely on email to send and receive regular communication, and signing onto professional email lists has become a primary way in which we stay informed.  In Council Rock, a “list server” has been created for schools to have the ability to create and send emails to deliver information to members of the Wrightstown School community.  This information ranges from details about upcoming activities to recent items posted on the E-Friday folder.  This is a one-way list, and recipients will not be able to reply or send messages to the list.


    If you would like to be provided with school and district notices and E-Friday updates, you may subscribe to the Wrightstown email list.  Subscribing is easy, and you may subscribe as many email addresses as you would like.  Here is how the process works:


    1. Send an email to the Wrightstown list server email address.

    2. You will receive a confirmation email and then simply click the reply button and send.

    3. You will then receive a confirmation email message that will inform you that you have been subscribed to the email list.


    If you change your mind and wish to unsubscribe, the process just as easy.  Simply send an email requesting removal, and then you will get a confirmation email.  Once you respond, you are no longer subscribed.


    To subscribe, simply send an email to:



    To unsubscribe, simply send an email to: