• Big 6
    1.  What is the task or research question?
    2.  Select the best resources.
    3.  Locate the information by finding the book and reading the information.
    4. Extract the information by taking notes.
    5. Organize the information and present the information.
    6.  Judge the product and the process, which you used to answer the research question?

    What Makes a Good Research Question?


    1.  Cannot be answered with a Yes or No


    2.  Cannot be answered easily using facts alone


    3.  Cannot be answered in one or few sentences


    4.  Requires the use of more than one source of information


    5.  Make the researcher:



          Draw conclusions.



    6.  Requires reorganization of information


    7.  Should lead to a hypothesis which can be supported with facts or measurable data


    8.  One that the researcher does not know the answer to


    9.  Extends learning



Last Modified on September 3, 2008