Welcome to
      Mrs. Huntington's 2019-20 Class
  • General Information
    • User Names and Passwords for student access to the Typing Agent website and First in Math website are located on the inside of the front cover of your child's assignment book. 
    •  Reading Response Journals (RRJ's)
      • Due once a week on the student's assigned due date.  New prompts are given out on Tuesday of the week prior to when they are due. 
      • Each student's journal is labeled with his/her due date.
      • Responses are to be written using the student's most recently finished independent reading book unless alternate instructions were given during class. 
      • Basic instructions are located on the inside cover of the journal and the student should use these instructions as a checklist before turning in their journal.
      • Responses are not assigned every week.  If one is assigned, it will be recorded in the student's assignment book and thorough instructions for how to interpret the prompt and respond are given during classtime. 
    • String Instrument Instruction Lessons are on Tuesdays on a rotating time schedule.  Students will miss academic lesson given in the classroom during their lesson.  This content, when necessary, will be made up during recess or at home that evening.  Ms. Derham (sderham@crsd.org) will send home a lesson schedule.  Please go over how to read the schedule with your child and have them check their lesson time prior to coming to school each Tuesday. 
    • Please remember to check the e-folder of the SFE website for electronic fliers and important information.
Last Modified on September 21, 2019