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    Dear Students and Parents,  This website does have some information regarding our currenct topics of study.  It might provide some starting points until our Distance Learning Site comes online. I did mention to the kids before we left on Thursday, that they should use time each day to do some reading, writing, and math.  They also were told to take home their cursive writing books which is another activity for them to try to do each day.  My current Google Classroom is online for the kids to use.  It has links for First in Math, Newsela, Typing Agent, as well as our Social Studies and Science texts. 
    Of highest importance, please take care of everyone in your family.  Stay well......and I sure hope we see each other very soon!    
         newsletter  4L Supply List 2019-20  
    • Social Studies:  Our States and Regions textbook that we have now started using after our study of Pennsylvania divides the USA into 5 regions.  We have finished the Northeast Region and are moving into the Southeast.  Our hope is that by the end of 4th grade, you will have a  better understanding of what life is like in other parts of the USA.  Practice locating states on a map of the United States, how to spell the name of the state, along with the two letter abbreviation. 


    • Science  Energy is our current topic.  Take the time to explore sites to learn more about series and parallel circuits, magnetism, and electromagnets.  You can become an entrepreneur and design a product using a magnet.  Explore your house and find all of the magnets that are helping you in some way!  


    • Our next topic will be animal studies, specifically aquatic frogs and arthropods (fiddler crabs and millipedes.)  On a nice day, go outside and see if you can "dig up" a millipede and observe how it lives in its habitat.  (Hint:  look under a mulch pile, rock, or large tree limb.)


    • Math:   We are currently exploring geometry.  Use the protractor that I gave you to practice drawing angles and measuring them.  Use First in Math to explore more geometry ideas.....polygons, symmetry


    •  Writing: 
    •  Write a Poem or two or three or four.....Don't forget.......we will still be entering our poetry contests.  I will continue to edit the poems of the students that did not have a private conference with me.  You will be able to check them out in Google Classroom to see if you agree with my suggestions. 


    • We all have stories to tell......You have learned that stories have a particular structure.  A story mountain is a good planning tool and visual for this structure.  Stories have a beginning, a middle, and an end.  They also have characters that "talk," so the writer needs to include their words.....dialogue.  As writers, we help our readers "see" where our story is taking place, the setting.  Then the writer has to determine the plot, and that's the fun part! 

         Go into Google Classroom and write a story!


    • Word Study:  Writers need to be sure that their ideas are understood by being thoughtful spellers. 


    • Our essay writing work is helping you to realize that essays are controlled by a thesis, or main point.  Essayists then have to determine how they want to "grow" or develop this thesis by brainstorming subtopics. 
    • All of this essay work will also help us learn how to write a Text Dependent Analysis Essay or TDA.....
    • Remember that planning out your TDA is very important.  After you have read a selection, carefully read the prompt, and then restate the prompt to make your thesis.  From there collect evidence from the text, make inferences, and analyze all of this by grouping ideas together. 

                       Evidence    -    Inference    -    Analyze


    • Reading:  Wow!  What a great time to do a lot of reading.  Be sure to read for at least 30+ minutes every day! And don't forget to use a reading plan to log the pages read each day.(You can download them from the Language Arts tab on this website.)
      It's all about Noticing and Noting......As we share the reading of any selection, we are stopping at signposts that push us to think more deeply about the text. 
    • 0ne example of a signpost is contrast and contradictions.   When we notice something that seems to be a contrast or contradiction, we stop and ask ourselves, "Why is the character doing that?"
    • Another signpost  is called: Again and Again.  When you notice a word, phrase, or situation mentioned over and over, STOP and ask yourself,  "Why does this keep happening again and again?


    • Aha Moment:  When a character realizes or understands, or finally figures out something, STOP and ask yourself...."How might this change things?"
    • "Words of the Wiser" is another signpost that is helping us as readers to think more critically about what we are reading.  For example, we noticed that Gloria Dump, a character in Because of Winn Dixie,  took Opal, the main character, aside to offer advice and life lessons.  When readers notice another character acting in this manner, they should stop and ask themselves:  "What's the life lesson and how might it affect the character?"


    • Memory Moment:  When you're reading and the author interrupts the action to flashback to the past and tell yo a memory...you should ask yourself:  "Why might this memory be important?"


    • Tough Questions:  When you're reading and the character asks himself a really difficult question...you should stop and ask yourself:  "What does this question make me wonder about?"


    • You should be reading your independent book each school night for at least 20 minutes.  Then you should log your pages read on your Yellow Reading Plan that is in your binder. 
    • Remember......you need to have your independent book in class each day for workshop!   Carry your book to school each day....it will be lonely without you! 




    Writing is Powerful! 
    Together we will develop and honor our class constitution:
                 We, the members of Mrs. Lipton’s 4th grade class, realize that we all need to make wise choices in order to have a successful learning community.  We realize the importance of respecting each other, ourselves, and the materials we use to learn.  Therefore, we have signed our names to show that we honor the words of this constitution and will always do our best to follow the rules stated in it.  





















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