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    Mr. John Harlan

    Dear Visitor,

    Welcome to the Sol Feinstone Elementary website.  As you peruse our site, you will see how proud we are of our past and how each day we celebrate the successes of our students while constantly planning for our future as we live our school vision, “SFE: Success for Everyone”.

    Sol Feinstone Elementary has evolved in so many ways since its inception 64 years ago in the fall of 1953 to what it is now become today.  We are a school that has changed with the times.  Our building consists of Smart board software and hardware in each classroom along with two computer labs with thirty-two desktops in each lab.  We have a wireless network with 32 chrome books for every two classrooms.  Each teacher also has an I-Pad for use with students throughout the instructional day. This enables our children to access technology at all times in every subject area throughout the school day. 

    As we meet our technology needs, our focus on learning continues to challenge and enhance the social and academic growth of our students.  We are always excited about our Positive Behavioral Support Plan.  It addresses the rules of R.E.S.P.E.C.T.: Responsibility, Encouragement, Safety, a Positive Attitude, Empathy, Cooperation and Thinking Before We Act.  We accomplish this through a proactive approach to learning establishing behavioral supports such as the SFE Behavior Matrix Learning Tool, the Responsive Classroom, Restorative Practices, Student Grade Level Meetings and our “Words to Learn By: “GRIT” program.   Finally, our teachers are firm believers in differentiating the instruction to reach the diverse learning styles and needs of ALL students every day.  The emphasis placed on creating an environment rich in social and academic activities will continue to set our school apart from others and make a difference in the lives of our students.

    Our parent community is an integral part of the success of Sol Feinstone Elementary.  We have a strong and active P.T.O. that meets monthly to support the efforts of our students and teachers.  Their commitment in providing such worthwhile experiences like our Welcome Back Picnic, Spring Fair, and a myriad of engaging assemblies only add to the quality of our educational programs.  We are very fortunate to have such an outstanding partnership with our P.T.O.  This solid foundation equals success for all stakeholders within our Sol Feinstone school community.

    We hope you enjoy navigating your way through our web-site.  We take extreme pride in our school and making sure our students come first in every facet of the school day.  It is our pleasure to be a part of such a dynamic community and we are excited to give you a glimpse of what we experience each and every day here at Sol Feinstone Elementary.

    SFE: Success For Everyone

Last Modified on June 29, 2017