Welcome to
    Mr. Murphy's 2019-20
    Class of
    Sixth Grade Leaders
      ...this is our class CRSD web page!!
     Last updated - August 2019
     WELCOME to students joining us from Hillcrest Elementary!!!


    Our homeroom's daily schedule!


    Students in Mr. Murphy’s Class Daily Schedule


    9:10-9:30  Students prepping & Morning meeting                

    9:30-10:15  Specials

    (M – Lib, Tu – Music, W – PE, Th – none, F – Art)

    10:15-11:15  Math

    11:15-12:00  Science (with Mrs. Kiker)

    12:00-12:50  Social Studies (with Mrs. Smith)

    12:50-1:20  Recess

    1:20-1:50  Lunch

    1:50-2:15  WIN

    2:15-3:40  ELA


    ***Humanities Students may have a slightly different schedule. ***

     Each day our homeroom will focus on
    studying various integrated leadership lessons, along
    with the fundamentals and innovations
    involved with studying and mastering
    mathematics, history,
    social studies & language arts.
     Quotes to live by:
    "The way we do anything is the way we do EVERYTHING!"
    "Leave a place in a better state than you found it."
    "Leave a person in a better state than you found them." 
    "Take the long way; take the right way!
    Fail harder, fail up, and embrace struggle!"
    "When doing anything, have a ridiculous attention to detail!"
    "Be noble-minded - do not focus on petty problems!"
    Students will be recording goals & thoughts & reflections & more in their leadership notebooks. This book is an integral part of each student's learning and sucess. Over the years many students have returned to tell stories about how important and helpful this book continued to be in their journeys through middle school, high school, and even beyond!
    Here is a note I received from a former 6th grade student a few years after teaching this student. 


    Hi, it’s _______. I was just cleaning out my closet and found my old leadership data notebook from 2015. I would just like to thank you for igniting a spark in me.  And I don’t think I will ever be able to repay you for that. I’m a normal teenager and I feel down on myself a lot of the time, but looking back at how happy and inspired I was when I was in your sixth grade class puts a huge smile on my face. I wanted to let you know that what you teach these sixth grade students really makes such a huge difference. I was so lucky to experience such a loving, caring school and classroom. Everyone moves on and takes very few things with them and what you have taught me I know I will carry with me forever. At the time I didn’t understand how these lessons could apply to my life since I hadn’t gone through any negativity in my life. But now I can look back at my own advice from sixth grade. So, anyway, thank you so much for everything. I hope you and your students are doing well.