to Mrs. Kaeser's AM and PM Kindergarten Class

    A.M. Kindergarten hours 9:10-11:45

                                                                    P.M. Kindergarten hours 1:10- 3:45 

    Everyday your child will need to bring the following items to school:

     A schoolbag (NO wheels, please!)

     A small, healthy snack and drink

      A 2-pocket Take Home folder, which will be provided

    Over the head headphones (please place in a Ziploc bag with child's name.) 

    1 plastic box to store all of the supplies below - this box will come back and forth to school with your child.  Please keep the box small enough to fit in the backpack and comfortably on your child's desk.  

    pack of crayons   

    Individual packs of tissues for your child to keep in his or her backpack

    2 glue sticks at all times

    5 sharpened pencils at all times

    1 pair of kid scissors

    1 package of thick washable markers

     2 black dry erase markers with a sock or small rag to use as an eraser