Holland’s Sixth Annual Science Fair will be held on Wednesday, March 1, 2017 from 6:00-7:30 p.m.


    All students in K-6 are encouraged to participate. Researching scientific ideas and using the scientific method are powerful learning experiences! Here are just a few other reasons why participating in the science fair is a great idea:

    • A science fair project is an activity that integrates almost every learning skill. Reading, writing, grammar and spelling, logical thinking, math, statistics and data analysis, technology, graphic arts, the scientific method, and public speaking are all incorporated skills.
    • Projects usually involve scientific questions that students are interested in, and a specific topic they have chosen for themselves. Participants must research their question, learn and apply the scientific method to create a valid experiment, and think about the meaning of their results.
    • A science fair project is an experience that can be challenging and self-validating. They also help open the doors of academic opportunity for students.

    Start thinking about what your entry could be!  Your project can be an experiment, a demonstration, a scientific collection, or information on a scientific topic.  Students can work individually, with their family, or in a small group.  All participants will be recognized and awarded with a science fair ribbon!