NOTE: Updates to the application and project submission procedure will be coming for October 2017.
    (Applications for the 2018 Media Festival will open October 1. Save your spring projects completed after April 2017, to submit for the 2018 Festival.)
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    The goal of the Council Rock Elementary Media Festival is to support and encourage the use of digital media in elementary curriculum assignments to create quality, engaging projects, presentations, and activities and to also encourage problem solving, collaboration, and higher level thinking.
    To qualify and to be judged, all media projects entered into the media festival judged event MUST be a project that was developed as part of a Council Rock elementary curriculum assignment or presentation. Links to rules and scoring criteria are posted above.
    All entries for the 17-18 festival MUST be submitted by the end of the day (date TBA) .  An application must be completed for each submission, and the application will be considered as part of the judging materials. Projects without an application will not be judged. Applications without a submitted project cannot be considered. The School Level Media Application link is at the top of this page. If needed, please ask for help submitting projects before the deadline.
    Thank you for being a part of the Council Rock Elementary Media Festival. Best of luck!



    Contact Information:
    For questions or further information please contact your school’s media festival representative. If you would like to be a Media Festival volunteer, contact Maryann Molishus at mmolishus@crsd.org.

    Media Festival Representatives - What a great team!


    Churchville – Ms. McQuillan

    Goodnoe – Mrs. Pearce and Mrs. Molishus

    Hillcrest - Ms. Geller and Mr. Crowley

    Holland – Mrs. R. Moore

    Newtown Elementary – Mrs. Peloso and Ms. Hough
    Richboro Elementary - Ms. Pressman

    Rolling Hills - Mrs. Fitzgerald and Mrs. McDonald

    Sol Feinstone – Mrs. Durkin

    Welch - Mrs. Wojton

    Wrightstown – Mrs. Matteo
    NOTE:  Your media festival representative can give you information about where to submit a copy of your project for judging. They will be saved to our CR Intranet.  Click on Elementary (on the left), then scroll down a bit.  On the left, at the bottom of the listing, select Media Festival.  Click "Shared Documents" and then you will see folders for each school. Within the folders, save to the correct grade level or to teacher. Here is the link: https://therock.crsd.org/elementary/mediafest/default.aspx


    Media projects may be entered into the following Media Festival Categories:
        • Individual/Small Groups Student Submission
          • Grade K-2
          • Grade 3-4
          • Grade 5-6
        • Whole Class Submission
          • Grade K-2
          • Grade 3-4
          • Grade 5-6
        • K-6 Teacher Created Submission
        • Mixed-Grade/Class Submission


    Type of Project (You can select only one per submission. If you are not sure of the category in which to submit your project, ask your representative.)


        • Sequential Stills (includes typical PowerPoint presentations, Keynote presentations and photo stories. Sequential stills can be converted to video files and still be submitted in this category.)
        • Web Site (presented over the internet; can be one or more pages)
        • Live Action Video (includes recording of live actors, news reporters, public service announcements, etc.)
        • Digital Publications (digital books - such as those created with iPad apps, Glogster and similar projects, digital newspapers, e-portfolios, and brochures and similar publications that can be shared digitally via the internet or an app.)
        • Animation (drawings, objects, or computer graphics that are programmed to move, with or without sound)
        • Other - Be creative! Entries could include such things as podcasts, digital learning games, or certain Smart Notebook activities. This category could also be considered if you use a combination of a variety of the above categories to create one entry.

    17-18 Media Festival Important Dates:
    • School Level Media Festival Applications Open October 1, 2017. Projects created from May 2017 until the deadline may be submitted for the 2018 Festival.
    • Promotional Design Contest Opens - October 1, 2017
    • Promotional Design Contest Closes - December 1, 2017
    • Promotional Design Contest Winner Recognition at School Board Meeting - TBA
    • School Level Media Submission Closing Date - April 17, 2018 
    • Judging - April 19-20, 2018 (tentative)
    • Media Festival Public Presentation at Newtown Middle School - TBA (Participant Reception begins at 6:30 in lobby area. Recognition Event begins at 7:00 in the auditorium.)