MAINTAINING A SAFE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT:  We at NMS take great pride in establishing a caring community where your child’s learning can take place in a safe and nurturing environment. So far this year, we have taken many opportunities to address the bullying issue and to assist students in accessing the many resources they have here at Newtown Middle to ensure their safety, comfort and sense of self-worth.  For example, Mr. Mark Brown, an inspirational speaker, spoke with our 8th graders about the negative effects of bullying, Mr. Long and Ms. Stoertz have spoken to all of the teams about the topic and we conduct circle talks on a weekly basis which address bullying along with other salient issues at school. As part of our ongoing effort to curb bullying, we will be conducting a survey with a random sampling of 50 students sometime in the beginning of November. The information gleaned from this survey will assist us in enhancing our positive school environment.  View the Parent Consent From here. If you have any questions, comments or requests, feel free to contact Mr. Long or Ms. Stoertz.