• Dear Parents/Guardians:

    As well as being the teacher assistant at Sloan, I will be handling all paperwork concerning your child.

    If at any time, your child is going to be late or absent please let me know by emailing me at jmarks@crsd.org and please copy Mr. Collachi and Mr. Donnelly at acollachi@crsd.org; kdonnelly@crsd.org. Any student that is late or absent must have a note, which I will keep for their attendance record. Please email Sloan before 8:00 AM if your child will not be in school. In accordance with Act 138 (School Attendance Law), an absence note must be provided within three (3) days of an absence. We can no longer accept notes all year.  In addition, phone calls can no longer be accepted; a note or email must be provided. After three (3) days the absence will be permanently recorded as unexcused.  In addition, if your child is arriving to school after 8:30AM please make sure they have a packed lunch. Lunch orders must be in by 8:30AM. Thank you for your understanding.

    Feel free to call me anytime with your questions or concerns at 215-944-2970.

    Thank you.

    Janet Marks